(Fifth Grade)

   It was the year 1842 in the little town of Maryville and the town had just gotten it's highest point of population wich was five hundred and twenty seven people. And then it happened! People began hearing things a night and people were having mysterious deaths and by the end of two weeks twelve tombstone had been added to the graveyard. Nobody could explain the deaths, nobody ever saw the monster but they knew it was there, they knew it was after them. This monster kept haunting them for two years until the only people left where the Taylors. The Taylors had five children. The father was the priest of the town. But slowly the Taylors started to dwindle away until the only person left was the daughter of the Taylors. Her name was Amy. Amy liked being the only one in the town she went shopping in the store and didn't have to pay and she didn't have to go to school. But one night when she had just about gone to sleep she heard it slish-slosh slish-slosh there it was again slish-slosh slish-slosh then all of a sudden the lights went out and there was a shrill piercing scream and that was the end of the little town of Maryville.

The End