31 January 2012

Oakland, California

Dropped by the Snap Judgment studios yesterday--I'm in the neighborhood lately. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood tomorrow night, drop by Tourettes Without Regrets, the Bay Area's most, um, uninhibited variety show.

22 January 2012

San Francisco, California

Come for the cliffs--stay for the updrafts. Fort Funston is where the world record for the farthest thrown object was set.

19 January 2012

Road trip Day Four--Lynchburg, Tennessee

The cavernous barrelhouses at the Jack Daniel's Distillery have special lighting systems so the air doesn't explode. This barrelhouse is one of eighty; they pretty much all smell like a nail salon in a cornfield.

18 January 2012

Road trip Day Three--Troy, New York

On the left is a statue of the alleged original Uncle Sam, a meatpacker from Troy. On the right is meat I packed in Troy.

17 January 2012

Road trip Day Two--The Bronx, New York

Next time you see head Bleacher Creature Bald Vinnie at the new Yankee Stadium, tell him I said thanks for the tour of the old one.

16 January 2012

Road trip Day One--Hoboken, New Jersey

This intersection marks the old boundary of Elysian Fields Park, where the first organized game of baseball is said to have been played in 1846. Nowadays there's a base marker on every corner, a plaque between "first" and "second" and even a giant baseball painted on the street, which you can see if you climb the fire escape of Maxwell's Restaurant on the southeast corner.

11 January 2012


Upside-down manhole cover.

1 January 2012